Success Stories – Alumni at Work

Meet Kedar Souffrant, EnTec student and FAA intern

A stellar student in EnTec’s Electronics Engineering Technology program, Kedar was nominated by EnTec faculty for the FAA’s Technical Operations – Collegiate Training Initiative (TO-CTI) program. After several rounds of elimination interviews, Kedar was selected by the FAA for this prestigious pipeline program. She will work part time as a technical operations intern at the FAA’s Technical Operations Service in Miami during the rest of her studies at EnTec.  Upon successful completion of the CTI program and EnTec graduation, Kedar will be eligible for a full-time entry level position as a technical specialist with the FAA. And the best part, she will not be competing for that position with any other candidates!

Cleared for career take-off, Kedar is pictured on the day she was sworn in at the FAA, accompanied by FAA Technical Operations Manager and EnTec alumnus Darrell Roberts, EnTec Engineering Chairperson Dr. Miguel Alonso, and EnTec’s Director of Industry Relations Maria Poviones-Bishop.

Photo Credit: Victor Rodriguez, FAA

Meet Luis Larco, EnTec Class of 2011

Luis Larco graduated from EnTec’s Computer Engineering program in Spring 2011 with an impressive list of national honors. As a sophomore, he was 1 of 50 U.S. students selected by Google for their exclusive FUSE Student ProgramThe University of Notre Dame Engineering Dept. tapped Luis for its NSF Seminar on Web-Based Software Engineering. At EnTec, he served as President of theSociety of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) – MDC Chapter and on the MDC Mathematics Club Team.

This past spring, Luis organized the school’s first ever High School Student Engineering Competition and took first place in the Florida State Mathematics Olympics. Upon graduation, he was awarded a Presidential Scholarship from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), where he continues his studies this August.

Meet Darian Jimenez, IT professional

Darian is a top student in EnTec’s Cisco Networking program and well on his way to fulfill his dreams of a technology career. Darian discovered his passion for technology as a very young boy, when his parents bought him a computer. In high school, he spent hours every day helping the school’s computer technician. At EnTec, he has taken his passion to new levels by excelling in the classroom and earning a spot in the schools’ selective co-op work study program, where he honed his IT skills at a Miami technology company.

As a result of his work at EnTec, Darian has earned a living in IT while at college, and the admiration of EnTec faculty, who selected him for an Honors Day award in Computer Information Systems. Darian’s goals are to continue his Cisco studies, earn a Master’s Degree, become an entrepreneur, and teach kids about technology. No doubt he is well on his way.


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