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EnTec Without Borders

At EnTec, students have opportunities to take what they learn in the lab into the greater community. That is how EnTec Technology student Leroy Harris and classmates from the EnTec CISNet Networking Students Association turned a donation of PC’s into computer repair experience AND a good deed.

The CISNet students were given old computers from administrators at Richmond Heights Middle School and Jack D. Gordon Elementary School. Many of the computers were in need of repair so Harris, along with CISNet advisor John Chin and fellow club members, immediately went to work. Once the repairs and upgrades were complete, the computers were returned to the schools, where they are back in the hands of K-12 students and teachers. Congratulations to Leroy, Professor Chin, and the entire CISNet organization for their outstanding effort and community service.

Pictured on the day the upgraded computers were delivered to Jack D. Gordon Elementary (from left to right): EnTec Wolfson Campus Lab Manager Araceli Ojeda,  Gordon Elementary Principal Caleb Lopez, CISNet Advisor John Chin, and EnTec Technology student Leroy Harris.

Engineering the future at EnTec

EnTec is proud to facilitate amazing opportunities to individuals at any career stage. Meet Ana Maria Quevedo, EnTec Bachelor’s Student and Electronic Voting Expert …

Ana Maria came to EnTec as a seasoned professional with years of experience. She had led multi-million dollar projects to implement electronic voting systems around the world, mostly wearing business and operations hats. Ana Maria wanted to get inside the voting systems and design improvements. She was thinking of solutions to problems she had seen in the field.

She wanted to realize her dreams of an engineering career.

Armed with an AS degree and a marathon runner’s dedication, Ana Maria began taking engineering and networking courses at EnTec. Before long, she was a top student in EnTec’s bachelor’s degree program. Professors at the school recognized her potential and nurtured it, guiding Ana Maria in various design projects. In her second year, Ana Maria landed a prestigious undergraduate research internship at UC Berkeley (pictured).

Now Ana Maria’s team at Berkeley is developing AuditBear, a website that allows election officials and interested third parties to quickly audit electronic voting systems. The team will present the project at a computer security conference in San Francisco later this summer.

Ana Maria is thrilled to be working on a system that has the potential to democratize election audits around the globe. She will be back at EnTec in the fall, ready to continue her engineering studies with EnTec faculty and improve the tools of modern democracy!

Meet Massiel Maltez, EnTec student and FPL nuclear plant technician

Massiel is working on a diesel engine during her summer internship at the Turkey Point Nuclear Plant. Since these pictures were taken, Massiel has joined the ranks of nuclear plant engineering professionals at Florida Power & Light (FPL), via the prestigious FPL-MDC Professional Training Pipeline Program. This custom designed, 2-year program in applied technology, developed by EnTec in partnership with FPL and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, is considered a nationwide model by the US nuclear industry.

Program students work in EnTec labs and study in groups under the guidance of a seasoned team of EnTec engineering professors and certified FPL instructors. At the end of the first year, students like Massiel are offered paid internships at Turkey Point, which allow them to rack up months of field experience and expose them to various areas of specialization within the nuclear power technology field.

Upon successful completion of the program, FPL offers full-time career track jobs to a minimum of 20 EnTec students per year, with starting salaries in the $52K range. After a year on the job, EnTec graduates qualify for journeyman licenses, and a big jump in salary!

Opportunity changes everything

No, this is not a photoshop trick. EnTec Civil Engineering student Maria Paola Lopez is really standing under the Space Shuttle Atlantis, in the garage at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in preparation for the final flight of the shuttle program. Maria Paola and a bus full of her EnTec classmates and professors were at NASA Kennedy in April of 2011 as special guests of the NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium. The group met with NASA engineers and scientists, toured behind-the-scene laboratories, learned about NASA research projects, and spent time discussing career paths with NASA and Space Shuttle specialists. Some might say it was a very long day. At EnTec, we say it was a rich day, packed with unmatched opportunities!

Photo Credit: Gabriel Lopez


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