Bright Ideas – Recent Student Projects

Saving Lives Through Engineering

Someday, you will be able to point your smartphone camera at a birthmark and instantly decide whether to see a doctor or get a skin biopsy. This is the concept behind EnTec engineering junior Lisa Richardson’s SCIDS (Skin Cancer Identification System) project, one of several life-saving innovations under development at EnTec’s Computing Research Lab. The SCIDS prototype, an application for Android mobile devices, captures an image through the smartphone camera and attempts to classify it as one of the most common forms of skin cancer. Eventually, SCIDS will deliver real-time diagnostic aid to physicians and serve as an early alert system for suspicious skin lesions or moles. Lisa’s project is a great example of the exponential power of engineering and technology, a field in which one can make a big difference in the lives of many.

Tools for a Greener Planet

Inspired by a passion for the environment, EnTec students Alejo Stark and Maria Espitia designed and built this solar-powered, remote controlled (RC) car, with guidance from their EnTec engineering professor.  The duo’s perseverance in overcoming technical difficulties paid off when the project was selected in the top tier by faculty judges at EnTec’s Annual Engineering Project Showcase. 

At EnTec, we take pride in empowering students to solve problems they care about. We help students fill their toolboxes with engineering and technology skills. They decide what needs fixing the most.

Buckle up and GO!

When EnTec sophomores David Pineiro, John Rodriguez, and Houby Salomon formed an engineering project team, they wanted a challenge. They put their creative minds together and designed Lock with Me, a simple device that prevents a car from starting unless the driver’s seat belt is buckled. After developing the Lock with Me prototype, the young trio built a full-size mobile test unit to demonstrate their invention at EnTec’s Annual Engineering Project Showcase. At most engineering schools, this type of project would culminate four years of study. At EnTec, engineering opportunities begin on day 1.

Tomorrow’s innovators at EnTec today

When EnTec students are given a challenge, meeting expectations simply isn’t enough. Even for first year students like Sergio Padilla, just starting EnTec’s Bachelor’s program. Sergio was tasked with designing a Binary Clock from scratch. This challenged him to interface a crystal oscillator, design all of the intermediate logic, and solder all the connections. As an EnTec student, Sergio wanted to take his project to the next level. Sergio added 7-Segment displays, which display the time in standard digits, so that his project could be used to teach binary to future EnTec students. Then, to give it what Sergio described as a Miami Flavor, he put the binary clock in an aquarium… underwater!

Engineering the future at EnTec

EnTec is proud to facilitate amazing opportunities to individuals at any career stage. Meet Ana Maria Quevedo, EnTec Bachelor’s Student and Electronic Voting Expert …

Ana Maria came to EnTec as a seasoned professional with years of experience. She had led multi-million dollar projects to implement electronic voting systems around the world, mostly wearing business and operations hats. Ana Maria wanted to get inside the voting systems and design improvements. She was thinking of solutions to problems she had seen in the field.

She wanted to realize her dreams of an engineering career.

Armed with an AS degree and a marathon runner’s dedication, Ana Maria began taking engineering and networking courses at EnTec. Before long, she was a top student in EnTec’s bachelor’s degree program. Professors at the school recognized her potential and nurtured it, guiding Ana Maria in various design projects. In her second year, Ana Maria landed a prestigious undergraduate research internship at UC Berkeley (pictured).

Now Ana Maria’s team at Berkeley is developing AuditBear, a website that allows election officials and interested third parties to quickly audit electronic voting systems. The team will present the project at a computer security conference in San Francisco later this summer.

Ana Maria is thrilled to be working on a system that has the potential to democratize election audits around the globe. She will be back at EnTec in the fall, ready to continue her engineering studies with EnTec faculty and improve the tools of modern democracy!


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